Can an Out of State Divorce be Enforced in Florida?

An out-of-state divorce decree can be enforced in Florida. Part of the process is having a certified copy of the out-of-state divorce decree filed in Florida, and you ask the judge to domesticate that foreign divorce decree so that it becomes a Florida divorce decree. It’s a process that you should seek legal representation in accomplishing.

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Can a Prenuptial Agreement Limit Alimony in Florida?

Not only can a person limit their exposure to alimony in a prenuptial agreement, but they can make sure it provides that alimony will never be paid in the event of a future divorce through the use of a prenuptial agreement. It’s important to consult with a lawyer to find out your rights in having a prenuptial agreement prepared, and if it will work for your circumstances.

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What Is Uncontested Divorce in Florida?

In Florida, there is generally either a contested divorce or uncontested divorce. If it’s a contested divorce, it means that the spouses cannot agree on a particular issue or issues involving the children, or money, or the house. If that occurs, then the judge makes the decision. In an uncontested divorce, the parties have reached an agreement and it’s put in writing and they go to the court and ask the court to approve their written agreement.

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