Is Collaborative Divorce in Florida Right for You?

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Collaborative divorce in Florida has been around for a long time. However, in recent years, this type of divorce has gained popularity thanks to a new law.

In 2017, the Florida Supreme Court approved the Collaborative Law Process Act. This created an alternative to traditional litigation for divorcing couples in Florida. This act presents divorcing couples with guidelines. These guidelines help couples resolve differences in a kinder and more amicable way.

When considering divorce, it is important to understand your legal options. If you and your spouse are both in agreement, a collaborative divorce may offer you better solutions.

How Does Collaborative Divorce in Florida Work?

The ultimate goal of collaborative divorce is to reach an amicable agreement while trying to preserve your relationship. Through collaborative divorce, you can make better decisions about major divorce issues. You can work together to reach an agreement that is in everyone’s best interests.

Both spouses and their attorneys address and negotiate all major issues, including:

During a collaborative divorce, both spouses hire their own collaboratively-trained attorneys. These parties then meet jointly to discuss and negotiate the divorce agreement. To proceed through the collaborative process, both parties must sign a Participation Agreement.

Mental health professionals help both parties resolve issues involving child custody and parenting plans. They help couples stay focused on doing what is best for the children during the divorce. A separate financial expert also steps in to help. Financial experts help couples reach resolutions to financial issues, such as splitting assets or liabilities.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce in Florida

There are many benefits to going through a collaborative divorce in Florida. When compared to traditional litigation, this process can have significant advantages, including:

  • Being private
  • Child-centered
  • Clients control the pace and outcome
  • Cost-effective
  • Respectful

Unlike traditional litigation, collaborative divorce typically costs less in the long run for divorcing couples. In addition, both spouses have control over the resolution and the outcome. This makes it less contentious and stressful for everyone involved, especially the children. Even though collaborative divorce seeks to resolve issues in an amicable way, you still need a lawyer on your side throughout the process.

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