Why You Need a Holiday Custody Schedule for Travel With Your Child

travel during holidays with your childWhen time-sharing works, it can help create a nurturing environment for your children that is necessary after a divorce.

But if you don’t have a specific schedule or itinerary for travel during holidays with your child, you can run into trouble.

During the holidays, emotions tend to run higher when both parents want to spend as much quality time as possible with their child, and if there is no schedule in place, conflict is inevitable.

It is important to understand that planning your holiday travel schedule with your child during the divorce process is an effective way to avoid future problems. read more

Making the Divorce Easier on the Children

Making the Divorce Easier on the Children

Divorce can be difficult for everyone. However, making the divorce easier on the children should be the parents’ number one priority. As a family law attorney for over 25 years, Eric C. Cheshire is often asked what steps can be taken to make the divorce easier for the kids. Below are some suggestions to help your family during this difficult time. Parenting time is sacred. At the end of the day, recognizing and supporting your children to love each of their parents, and respecting their given time with the other parent, is a loving gesture and is in the best interest of your child. read more

Should Divorced Parents Spend the Holidays Together With Their Kids?

Divorced ParentsHolidays have a way of bringing out strong emotions in divorced couples as it relates to their children. And often, those emotions may turn into conflict if parents can’t agree on who should have the children and for how long.

In some circumstances, divorced parents may decide to spend the holidays together with their children. We think it’s important for you to understand some of the benefits and drawbacks of this type of arrangement.

Benefits of Divorced Parents Spending The Holidays Together With Their Kids 

Some of the benefits of this time sharing arrangement include: read more

Five Child Relocation Considerations And How it will Affect Child Custody

Summertime is a popular time for people to think about moving, whether it’s to a bigger house in the same neighborhood, or to a different city or state because of a job.  When relocating, you might be considering what part of town and style of house you’d like to live in and whether your new home will be in proximity to schools and shops.  When child relocation involves custody issues, whether pre- or post-divorce, there are additional things you might want to consider before you relocate.

  1. How far are you planning on moving?  

Whether you are moving within the State of Florida or moving out of state, where you are moving to, and how far the location is from your current residence is an important consideration.  Under child relocation laws, if you decide to move more than fifty miles from your current residence, then you are required to file a petition that informs the court and your ex-spouse of your intent to move.  This is required even if your divorce and parenting plan/custody agreement is still pending. read more