3 Major Ways a DUI Can Impact Your Child Custody Case

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It’s difficult enough to go through a divorce, but there are few things more stressful than tackling a legal child custody battle. These proceedings are often the most taxing for both parents and children, as dedicated and passionate arguments about schooling, parenting, and character are brought to the forefront.

One issue that can make a child custody case more difficult is if one parent has a criminal history — and one of the most common challenges to overcome is a DUI.

Here are some of the ways a DUI can impact your child custody case: read more

The Hidden Truth About Child Support Laws

child support laws

The goal of child support is not to punish a parent, but rather to ensure that a child is properly cared for, and that all that child’s needs are met. In fact, the overriding factor that a judge will take into consideration is what is in the best interest of a child.

However, that doesn’t mean that child support is always fair, and that was recently highlighted in a Houston case in which a man was forced to pay child support for a child that is not his biological offspring.

Hidden Truth About Child Support Laws

Although Gabriel Cornejo, 45, proved through a DNA test that he was not the biological father of his ex-girlfriend’s child, he had already been named as the child’s father back in 2003, and a court had ordered him to pay child support. read more