Is Florida a Community Property State for Divorce?

Picture of concept of divorce and property divisionDivorce is never easy. Dividing your assets and property can be stressful in even the best circumstances. During a divorce, property division often becomes a contentious issue. Who will get the marital home? How will the judge decide to divide your property? Is Florida a community property state?

What Is Community Property?

Community property states consider both spouses to co-own all marital assets and debts jointly. These states distribute marital property and debts in half. There are 10 community property states in the country. Florida is not a community property state. Florida follows the equitable distribution rule. read more

Taxes and Divorce

Save money with an attorney

Taxes and divorce might have been the last thing you were thinking about at the time.

Save money with an attorney

But if you’re now separated or newly divorced, it could be worth your while to get some good financial advice before the April 15th tax deadline.

Here are important tax tips for those who are divorced, or are divorcing:

What Is My Filing Status: Divorced or Married?

By law your filing status is determined as of the last day of the calendar year. You are considered unmarried for the whole year if, on the last day of the tax year, you are unmarried or legally separated from your spouse as determined by a divorce or separate maintenance decree. read more