4 Tips for Co-Parenting Across State Lines

Picture of child hugging leaving parentFollowing a divorce, a former spouse may choose to move to another state, whether to be closer to family or to start a new life. Children are often directly involved in this move.

In most cases, when one parent moves out of state, a court will grant more timesharing to one parent — rather than offering equal timesharing. In rare situations, parents agree to alternate school years and summer vacations, but this can be a complex system.

When your child lives primarily in another state, it can be difficult to be an active and involved parent. It can be even more difficult to co-parent with your former spouse. read more

Tips for Working Through Time Sharing and Child Visitation Challenges

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Time-sharing and post-divorce family living isn’t as easy as it looks on paper. Once you and your ex-spouse complete the process of divorce and separate households, you may see and welcome this as a ‘fresh start’. However your children may experience a longer post-divorce  adjustment period and they may continue to feel a roller coaster of emotions as a result of  the change.

When this happens, even the most amicable of co-parenting arrangements can prove stressful.

Many, if not most, children have a difficult time comprehending and adapting to new life circumstances. Different living arrangements and unknown things, places and people can be unsettling to a child. There may be a new step-parent or partner in one (or both) households, the change in neighborhood and daily routine can lead a child to withdraw, throw tantrums, cry and act out in anger without cause. In essence, kids frequently respond to post-divorce change with feelings rather than reason. read more

Life After Divorce

Life After DivorceIf your marriage has recently come to an end, you may very well be unsure of where to turn for assistance. In fact, moving on after divorce can be a difficult concept for many individuals. With a bit of dedication and a sense of optimism, however, you can quickly regain your zest for life.

Here are a few tried-and-true tips that will undoubtedly allow you to get back on track.

Take Time to Grieve

When your divorce has at last been finalized, you may find yourself emotionally unprepared for the aftermath. If you haven’t given yourself time to mourn the small things, you will likely be unable to move on.  In fact, allowing yourself time to grieve after a divorce can be quite cathartic. By recognizing that you have made the best decision for either yourself and/or  your family, however, you will ultimately be able to continue on with your life without any baggage. read more