Providing Age Appropriate Divorce Disclosure

Divorce Disclosure

When couples divorce, they spend a lot of time discussing how they might separate the marital property, how they will divide parenting time with the children, and who will have what legal rights and responsibilities to the children.  Many couples, however, are at a loss as to how to tell their children about the divorce.

Embracing an age appropriate strategy minimizes confusion.  While adults see a divorce as something with many moving parts, children crave concrete, child specific information.  Below are age appropriate disclosures at any age. read more

A Divorce Petition Is a Dish Best Served Immediately


After you’ve decided to get a divorce, you have a lot of things to deal with, especially if children are involved.

But the most important first step is for you to legally file the divorce petition, which sets the whole process in motion. However, if this is done incorrectly, you could hurt yourself later in the divorce proceeding for not adhering to the laws regarding divorce filing.

We think it’s important for you to understand how to properly serve a divorce petition, and though the information here is specific to Florida, most states follow the same process. read more

Divorce and Insurance: What You Need to Know

Getting a divorce can be a very emotional experience, but you have to stay focused on so many details. From collecting documentation to filing motions, it’s a challenge to keep on top of everything. Have you thought about the changes in insurance coverage that can result from a divorce?  Divorce and insurance issues play an important role in the overall process. You want sufficient coverage that satisfies any legal requirements. As you begin checking different policies, keep these insurance types in mind. read more