Can My Child Decide Custody (Parental Responsibility) and Time-sharing Schedules?

Child Custody Lawyer

The short answer to the question, “Can my child decide custody? Is “no”. Florida Legislature updated the term “custody” with the term “parental responsibility”, and the term “visitation” has been updated with the term “time-sharing”. With that said, the court may consider the wishes of the child, along with a host of other issues, when determining the parental responsibility and time-sharing schedule for you and your child.

Child Custody Lawyer

Parental responsibility and time-sharing determinations occur in a number of different ways.  Many divorcing couples agree to a Parenting Plan, which includes parental responsibility and time-sharing issues.  Some parents agree to a Parenting Plan early in the process.  Other couples may reach an agreement after working with their family law attorneys for the time that it takes to reach an agreement.   However, in some instances, the couple cannot reach an agreement on parenting issues.  In those situations, the Court will decide the parental responsibility and time-sharing schedules for parent and child, based on what is in the best interest of the child. read more

Preparing for a 2018 Divorce

Divorce LawyerIf you are considering a divorce, but are putting it off over the holidays, you are not alone.  While March holds the record for most divorces filed, divorce filings start to increase in January, and rise even more in February.  Many people believe this is due, in part, to an unwillingness to begin divorce proceedings before the holidays.  When planning for a divorce, there are several steps one can take in anticipation of meeting with a divorce lawyer.  This planning will make your first meeting go smoothly.  It can also reduce the cost of your divorce, as family law attorneys charge by the hour.  Every document you secure ahead of time reduces the amount of leg work your attorney will have to do later.  Here are some steps to take while preparing for a 2018 divorce. read more

Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship or Domestic Violence

Relationships can be hard work, and every couple goes through challenges and hardships.  But when the regular everyday ups and downs turn violent, it can be difficult to recognize that you are actually in an abusive relationship.  If your partner has used violence or threatened you with violence, or even if they try to control your activities and actions, then you may be a victim of domestic violence or abuse.  The following discusses some of the signs that you might be in an abusive relationship and steps you can take that may help you. read more