High Asset Divorce: 5 Things You Need to Know

High Asset Divorce

At Eric C. Cheshire, P.A., we know how to approach a high asset divorce.  Here are just some of our top tips for you.

Take Your Time

Often, people getting a divorce seek to rush the process. This is rarely beneficial.  Particularly in a high asset divorce, taking your time is essential to a fair and equitable settlement.  Property must be valued, future earnings must be calculated, and debts must be assessed.  These things take time.

Carefully Account for All Debts

One of the biggest mistakes made in high asset divorces is a failure to account for all debts.  It is in everyone’s best interests to avoid this mistake.  Debts must be identified so they can be included in the final divorce decree.  Failure to do so could result in an inequitable division of assets and debts. read more

Social Media and Divorce

Social Media and DivorceIf you are considering divorce, or if you are in the midst of divorce proceedings, you should know your social media accounts could provide your soon to be ex-spouse with information they may later use against you.  If you use any social media whatsoever, take a few moments to consider some or all of the following steps to protect yourself.

Social Media and Divorce: Change your Passwords

Even if you and your soon to be ex-spouse aren’t even speaking to each other now, there was probably a time when you were close enough they either knew, or could make a pretty good guess at your passwords.  Even if you think they don’t know your current password, it is a good idea to change your password again.  Change it in a way that isn’t personal to you, such as your birth date or your firstborn’s name.  Instead, come up with a password as random and impersonal as possible to prevent anyone guessing at the passwords.  Consider all of your accounts, even those you don’t use regularly.  It costs nothing to change the password, so why not do it as a precaution? read more