Reasons to Relocate Children During a Florida Divorce

Our West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyer Explains Relocation During Divorce

Recent blogs answered common questions about Florida time-sharing laws during a divorce. Much more can be said about how child custody, called parental responsibility in Florida, works during a divorce case, as there are many types of issues that may arise. One common issue involves relocating children during the divorce. There are a handful of reasons why Florida divorce courts may approve a relocation request.

What Is Child Relocation?

In a Florida divorce, child relocation occurs when one parent moves 50 miles or more from his or her current residence for 60 or more days. Relocations are not temporary, such as traveling to another state for medical care or vacation. These are long-term moves that often entail permanently moving to a new state for another job, romantic partner or personal reason. However, not all relocation requests involve moving out of state. read more