How a Detailed Time-sharing Schedule Could Save Your Holiday Season


Time-sharing is one of the biggest challenges parents face after they divorce. Making sure children get equal time with their parents can go a long way toward easing some of the disruption that often occurs during a divorce.

Whether you’re in a situation with shared parental responsibility, or sole parental responsibility, the holiday time-sharing schedule may produce a potential for conflict during this time of year, if it is not detailed adequately within your parenting plan.

Parents naturally want their children to spend quality with them during the holiday season, and in that desire, they sometimes forget that equal time with both parents is most often in the best interests of the child. read more

5 Tips for Co-Parenting after Divorce

Co-Parenting after divorce will be one of the hardest challenges you will face, especially if you and your former spouse want to minimize the negative effects of the divorce on your children. Although co-parenting after divorce might seem daunting, a cohesive parenting plan can help both of you work together to raise your children successfully.

You and your ex-spouse can provide a positive environment for your children if you remember these steps:

1. Focus On Your Children

As you and your ex-spouse create a co-parenting plan, remember to place your focus entirely on the welfare of your children. This is not the time to deal with unresolved issues stemming from your divorce. Your children need stability to thrive, and your ability to focus on your children’s needs is paramount. If your ex-spouse has trouble staying on track, gently push the conversation back onto the correct topic. read more

What Divorce Can Teach You About Starting Over In The New Year

Happy New Year

Now that the holidays are behind us and a new year has begun, many people start to reflect and evaluate where they are in their life path and the decisions they’ve made up to this point. Because of this, January is the month when many couples file for divorce each year after they have had some time to ponder their past and future.

Since every relationship, couple and individual is different, so are the reasons for deciding to divorce in the new year. For some, the relationship stayed together through the holidays for family and children. For others, the season was filled with social commitments and work obligations keeping both partners busy and moving forward with plans, even if things didn’t ‘feel quite right’.  Once the holidays wind down, and it’s time to get back to a routine, one or both partners may decide it’s simply time to start the new year in a new way, to take a path that is best suited for them alone. read more