Understanding Parenting Plans in Florida

Parenting Plans LawyerParenting plans are governed by Florida Statute § 61.046 (14).  A parenting plan is a document which establishes how parents make decisions about their minor children.  The plan also includes a time-sharing schedule for each of the parents and their minor children.  Relevant topic areas covered by Florida parenting plans include:

  • The child’s education;
  • Health care for the child; and
  • Issues governing the child’s physical, emotional, and social well-being.

The parenting plan includes details about how the parents will share and divide parenting responsibilities.

For example, the parenting plan addresses whether one person makes health care decisions for the children or whether this is a shared decision.  Similarly, issues related to the children’s schooling, from who attends parent teacher conferences, to who is authorized to grant field trip permissions, to which school the child will attend, must be addressed in the parenting plan. read more