8 Signs of Divorce That Couples Say They Missed

signs of divorce

Most married couples don’t just wake up one day and decide to get a divorce.

signs of divorce

A marriage ends gradually over time, sending out warning signs of divorce that most couples often miss.

It’s not until the marriage is over that they look back and can see where everything went wrong. Before your marriage ends up in a divorce, pay attention to these warning signs of divorce along the way.

8 Warning Signs of Divorce

1. There’s a disconnect.

Marriages that are on a divorce path usually start with the couple no longer spending any time together. Perhaps one partner enjoys watching TV after work while the other spends time browsing the Web. When both partners beginning vacationing separately, that’s a major sign of divorce which should not be ignored.  When it feels like a relief to spend time away from each other, the marriage is in trouble. read more