Child Custody / Time-Sharing and Summer Break

Time-Sharing and Summer BreakSummer is right around the corner. For those who have children, this can mean a change in routine.  It is not too soon to start preparing for this change.  You may have different daycare arrangements.  There may be vacations planned.  Perhaps you are interested in sending the kids to camp.  Whatever your summer holds, we at Eric C. Cheshire, P.A. believe taking the steps outlined below ensure you will have fewer conflicts with your former spouse as the summer months arrive.

Consult Your Divorce Decree

As a first step, consult your divorce decree.  It is likely the issue of child custody/parental responsibility or time-sharing during the summer months has already been addressed.  Just because you don’t presently recall such an agreement does not mean your attorney overlooked it.  What to do with the children in the summer months is a common enough issue that is unlikely to have been omitted. read more