Why You Need To Know the Differences Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce


In Florida, any couple that wants a divorce must file a petition for Dissolution of Marriage. If they can agree on all or most major issues, they may sign a Marital Settlement Agreement, that details how they have agreed on all the major issues in the divorce. If children are involved, they may also devise a Parenting Plan, which states the rights and obligations both parents have concerning issues involving shared parental responsibility, timesharing, child support, health insurance, extra-curricular activities, decision making authority and other applicable parenting issues. read more

3 Ways to Obtain an Amicable Divorce

Amicable DivorceMany couples start the divorce process thinking they can go through an amicable divorce.  Divorce does not always have to be a drag out fight.  Going through a divorce is rarely an easy task, and the process often leads to hurt feelings and making the children feel isolated and confused. As painful as it can seem sometimes, divorce doesn’t need to end in bitterness or have an ugly resolution.

In the state of Florida, you have 3 divorce options that not only make getting a divorce easier; but, also save you time and money while protecting your children through an otherwise difficult time. read more

Collaborative Divorce In Florida – a New Trend

Collaborative DivorceBased on the many recent news articles, it seems more and more divorcing couples are moving toward a collaborative divorce model. It’s a growing trend that offers both spouses an opportunity for an amicable divorce rather than the more adversarial and frustrating litigation process that has traditionally dominated divorce cases. Essentially, a collaborative divorce is the newest method of an alternative dispute resolution in Florida Family Law.

Some experts also suggest the shift toward collaborative divorce, sometimes referred to as an ‘Uncontested Divorce,’ is a reflection of continuing economic concerns throughout the state of Florida . Ongoing divorce litigation can cost thousands of dollars for each divorcing spouse. However a collaborative divorce that involves mediation and negotiations may cost as little as a few thousand to resolve – and it’s time-saving in comparison to a traditional, lengthy divorce proceeding. Since many divorcing couples are already experiencing some level of financial burden, concluding the divorce proceedings with as little as expense as possible is likely to be an attractive option. read more