Understanding Child Support Modifications in Florida

Our Experienced Child Support Lawyer Explains Modifications

Woman workout out a child support modificationIf you are a parent of a child, then you may have to pay child support after a divorce. Florida divorce courts base your monthly child support payments on your income, your former spouse’s income and your child’s necessary expenses, daycare costs, health insurance costs, and overnight timesharing. The court may determine your monthly child support payments based on your child’s health, necessary expenses, and special needs.

However, it is not uncommon for parents to be contemptuous of each other after the court determines monthly payments for child support. One parent may feel the amount is not sufficient for covering the child’s needs, while the other parent may feel the amount is too much.

An economic downturn, like the one that began when the novel coronavirus began spreading in the United States, may exacerbate conflicts over child support. Parents may not be able to make child support payments due to job loss, demotions or major changes to income. In other cases, parents receiving child support may need additional funds to cover expenses. There are situations where you can seek a child support modification in Florida.

Common Reasons for Child Support Modifications

Depending on the circumstances, either parent can petition the court for a modification of payments. A common reason for a child support modification in Florida is a drop in income or a total loss of income. Job loss, demotions, and cuts to hours and pay may necessitate a modification to a child support order.

It is also possible to petition the court to increase payments under the right circumstances. If you or your child experience a substantial change in life circumstances, then you should speak to a child support lawyer about petitioning the court to increase monthly payments.

Other possible reasons for seeking a child support modification include:

  • Permanent disability. If you suffer a permanent disability, then you may be able to obtain a child support modification in Florida. Some people with permanent disabilities may be unable to work as many hours as they used to, while others will not be able to earn any income. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to obtain a child support modification if you suffer permanent complications from an illness. The court may grant a petition for a modification under such circumstances.
  • Changes in the child’s needs. Are you receiving child support payments? A judge may grant your petition for a modification if there is a substantial change in your child’s circumstances. For instance, if your child suffers a disability or requires long-term hospitalization, a judge may approve a petition to increase child support payments.

You must obtain the approval of the court to change child support payments. Any personal agreement with your former spouse to lower or increase payments is not valid.

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