Top 3 Tips If You’re Planning a Divorce

Planning a divorce is never an easy decision. Even though you probably have received lots of advice from friends who have “been there, done that”, here’s some advice from a divorce attorney. Eric C. Cheshire, Esquire has been in business since 1988 and has litigated his share of divorces (both men and women). This list is put together for you to help you prepare for a major life transition.

1. Prepare Yourself Emotionally

Preparing for a divorce before telling your spouse that you want one may feel like deceit, but your partner and children will be better off the more carefully you think through your plan. Asking for divorce advice from others can help, but be very careful of who you confide in so that your spouse doesn’t find out, and don’t let anyone tell you what to do or how to feel.

2. Prepare Your Children

Even the most amicable divorces leave lasting impact on children. Consider researching local child therapists to help your children cope. Therapy may also help you be a better parent. No matter how frustrated you become with your ex, they will forever be a part of your children’s life, so you must never let your anger show in front of them. You should approach every conflict by putting the children’s interests first. If you fear for their safety, document any incidences of abuse, keep your children somewhere safe and alert your local child protective services.

Regardless of who takes the kids, both parents’ need clothes and toys so the children feel at home no matter where they are staying.

3. Prepare Your Finances

Planning a divorces can be costly, so do your research and figure out how much money you need to handle the logistics such as legal fees and possibly moving to a new place. Don’t count on alimony and child support to pay for all of your expenses. On the other hand, don’t listen to your spouse if they threaten to take everything. Don’t hesitate to take them to court if you feel that you’re being treated unfairly. Control your debt, secure some credit and stay on top of your bills; all these things will help if you ever have to go before a judge.

Before announcing your divorce to your spouse:

  • Make personal copies of all important financial documents with your name on them such as bank statements and tax returns.
  • Make a budget for living on your own. If your income isn’t enough, look for a new job or consider going back to school.
  • Avoid making impulsive decisions, such as moving to a new city. You’ll want to maintain some sense of normalcy while you go through the tough transition.

Here is a full checklist for getting a divorce.

Hopefully, these divorce tips can help you during this difficult time, but you should also seek advice from a West Palm Beach Divorce Attorney. The Law Office of Eric C. Cheshire P.A. P.A. values the well-being of both parties and especially your children. Call us for unbiased guidance through the process of preparing for a divorce.

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