How Long Does a Divorce Take in Florida?

Our Florida Divorce Lawyer Explains

Divorce cases vary by length and cost. Some cases may resolve quickly while others may drag on for many months. How long a divorce takes depends on the circumstances. However, contested divorces generally take longer. This is because both parties involved can have major disagreements over the terms of the divorce. As a result, there may be more legal matters involved with the case.

Below, our Florida divorce lawyer discusses some of the most common reasons for increasing the time it takes to complete a divorce.

  • Disagreements over children. This is one of the most common arguments former couples have during a divorce. Divorcing spouses may disagree over the terms of child support payments or time-sharing. Battles over child custody are extremely common during a contested divorce involving children. As a result, there may be a need for more court proceedings or mediation to work through the disagreements.  
  • Disagreements over alimony. One spouse may have to pay the other spouse alimony, also called spousal support. Like other disagreements during a divorce, disputes over the amount of alimony can necessitate legal proceedings or mediation.
  • Complex finances are involved. Some divorcing spouses may have incredibly complex finances, such as assets in multiple states or multiple properties. The more complicated your assets, the longer it might take to resolve a divorce. Additionally, divorce can take longer when one spouse is hiding assets or refusing to turn over important financial documents. 
  • On purpose. Divorces can be an extremely emotional process. It is not uncommon for former spouses to lash out at each other financially or professionally. In some cases, one spouse may purposefully delay the time it takes to complete a divorce to hurt the other spouse. 

These are only a few common reasons why it may take longer to complete a divorce. Divorce cases involving financial disputes or children may take longer to complete due to the circumstances. Spouses without children, disagreements or complicated finances are more likely to complete their divorce cases faster. 

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