The Cost of Divorce in Florida

Florida Divorce Lawyer Explains the Costs of Filing for Divorce

Divorce lawyers receive a lot of questions about the divorce process. After all, divorce may seem like a daunting prospect for many couples who wish to permanently split. Perhaps the most common questions have to do with the cost and length of time it takes to get divorced.

Unfortunately, there is no universal way to answer questions about the cost of a divorce in Florida. Each case is different.

What Affects the Cost of Divorce in Florida?

There are many factors that can affect the cost of divorce in Florida. In many cases, a divorce is more likely to be expensive if there are disputes between the divorcees. Disputes could mean more time in court or in mediation. Below are some of the most common factors that affect the cost of a divorce.

  • A contested divorce. There are uncontested and contested divorces. In a contested divorce, one or both parties may dispute certain aspects of the divorce, such as the division of property. Litigation may increase the cost of a divorce.
  • Whether children are involved. Children can be a contentious issue in a divorce. Divorcing spouses may fight over custody or child support
  • Alimony. Alimony, also called spousal support, is another potentially contentious issue during a divorce. In some cases, there may be disagreements over monthly alimony payments.
  • Property. Spouses involved in a contested divorce may have disagreements over the ownership or value of certain properties or assets. Disagreements over property can affect the length and cost of a divorce.
  • Owning lots of properties and assets. Depending on the circumstances, if you and your former spouse own a large number of properties and assets, it could take longer and cost more money to get divorced.

You can reach out to our Florida divorce attorney if you have any questions about the cost of divorce in Florida. We can answer your questions during a consultation.

How to Reduce the Cost of Divorce

Prior blogs discussed how you can reduce the cost of divorce. If you want to reduce the cost of getting divorced in Florida, then consider the following tips:

  • Promptly respond to requests for documents. You should promptly respond to requests for documents during a divorce. If you pay your attorney by the hour, and your attorney has to continue following up with you for requests, then your divorce could cost more.
  • Avoid emotional decisions. Recognize that making decisions based on emotion can increase the cost of your divorce. By fostering an atmosphere of cooperation, you are more likely to resolve your divorce quickly.

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