Caring For a Special Needs Child During a Divorce

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Going through a divorce can be difficult for some families. For many families with children, it can be difficult to part ways. This is especially true for families who have a special need’s child, who may have a more difficult time dealing with the separation. If your child has special needs, then negotiations over parental responsibilitychild support and property division may be more difficult to negotiate. In some cases, children with special needs require much more extensive medical, educational and personalized care. Florida courts take the best interests of children into account when deciding on divorce agreements.

Below, our West Palm Beach divorce lawyer discusses tips for caring for a special needs child during a divorce.

Special Needs Children and Divorce

Should I Work with a Divorce Lawyer?

You should consider working with a divorce attorney if your child has special needs. Be sure to tell your divorce attorney that your child is special needs. Many child support plans end on the assumption the child will one day be financially responsible for his or her own affairs. With special needs children, this is not always the case. Your attorney would need to pursue a different type of child support agreement during your divorce case.

During your first meeting with your attorney, bring as much information as possible. For example, how much time each day you care for your child or the medical or educational expenses involved with caring for your child. You should also gather any legal documents pertaining to your child’s medical condition.

Should I Meet With My Child’s Doctors?

Next, you and your child’s doctors could meet and discuss the challenges your child could face during and after the divorce as well as which living situation is in his or her best interest. By speaking with your child’s doctors, you can get a better idea of challenges that may arise during the divorce proceedings.

How Will My Child’s Disability Affect My Divorce?

It depends on the nature of your child’s disability. Certain types of time-sharing agreements may be necessary. For children with an autism spectrum disorder, frequent changes can be debilitating and frightening. As a result, a child with an autism spectrum disorder may need to remain in a fixed place as part of the time-sharing agreement.

Additionally, if your child is seeing a specialist in a specific area, and your spouse is not nearby, it could also necessitate making a specialized time-sharing agreement. Our Florida divorce attorney are happy to discuss in more detail potential options for caring for a special needs child during a divorce.

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