Preparing for a Divorce – Top 10 Checklist

Before you ask your spouse to terminate your marriage, you need to learn how to prepare for a divorce. Divorce preparation is important because a vindictive spouse can complicate the new life that you would like to begin leading. The following divorce checklist will help you with your divorce preparation and will make sure that you continue in the right direction.

1. Don’t Date –

The first thing that you will need to understand is that this won’t be a time to begin dating again. How you live your life will be scrutinized especially if the custody of your children is in question. Maintain a life above reproach while divorce proceedings are ongoing.

2. Hire an Attorney  –

You will need to hire your own attorney who will represent your interests only.

3. Take Your Name Off of Joint Accounts –

If you leave your name on joint accounts and your ex-spouse defaults in the future, this will mean that creditors will be knocking on your door.

4. Open a Credit Account –

You will need to establish a credit history that is separate from your spouse. Before you divorce, open an account at a store that will only be in your name.

5. Remove Your Spouse as Beneficiary  –

If you own financial products and your spouse is named as a beneficiary, you will need to change this before you begin divorce proceedings.

6. Keep Some Cash in a Safe Place –
Sometimes, one spouse withdraws all of the money in the joint bank accounts. Before this can occur, make sure that you have a sum of cash in a safe place.

7. Keep a Log –

By  keeping a log of what occurs between you and your spouse, you will be able to demonstrate to the court any negative behavior perpetrated by the other party.

8. Gather Evidence –

You will also need to have proof of bad behavior. For example, if your spouse starts a fight in front of the children and there are witnesses, these witnesses will be useful to you in court later.

9. Make Copies of Important Documents 

Protecting your interests will mean that you will need copies of bank statements and payments you made on your loans.

10. Invest in a Post Office Box –

A post office box that only you can access will maintain the confidentiality of the correspondence from your lawyer.

This divorce checklist is not inclusive.  Of course, there are many other items that need to be considered.  In fact, if I’ve forgotten something, please feel free to write to us.  We’ll add it to the list.

If you are wondering how to prepare for a divorce, the best thing you can do is follow the above divorce checklist. Divorce is never easy, but the divorce checklist will help make things run smoothly for you.

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