8 Signs of Divorce That Couples Say They Missed

8 Signs of Divorce That Couples Say They MissedMost married couples don’t just wake up one day and decide to get a divorce.

A marriage ends gradually over time, sending out warning signs of divorce that most couples often miss.

It’s not until the marriage is over that they look back and can see where everything went wrong. Before your marriage ends up in a divorce, pay attention to these warning signs of divorce along the way.

8 Warning Signs of Divorce

1. There’s a disconnect.

Marriages that are on a divorce path usually start with the couple no longer spending any time together. Perhaps one partner enjoys watching TV after work while the other spends time browsing the Web. When both partners beginning vacationing separately, that’s a major sign of divorce which should not be ignored.  When it feels like a relief to spend time away from each other, the marriage is in trouble.

2. You don’t work as a team.

When both spouses work together as a team, such as running the household and supporting each other’s ambitions, the marriage goes more smoothly. If you’ve deviated from the same path and are no longer working together, it could indicate trouble in the marriage.  It’s even worse if one partner is sabotaging the other.

3. The communication has vanished.

Successful marriages start with good communication. You need personal, meaningful exchange and to talk openly about anything on your mind. One of the major signs of divorce is when the communication suffers and you only talk about bills, the weather and when it’s time to take out the garbage.  Try to find a way to discuss hobbies and similar interests.

4. There’s no compromise at all.

Not getting what you want and not having only your wants fulfilled are not reasons for divorce. Both spouses should try to fulfill each other’s needs in a give-and-take relationship. Taking the time to listen to your partner’s needs and having your own needs fulfilled can help your marriage last.

5. You place your priorities elsewhere.

You should place your spouse before anything else. Many troubled couples place their kids, careers and friends before their partners. It’s an easy mistake to fix.  After a while, spouses become roommates who raise children together and live separate lives. You can easily lose the things that are most important by putting everyone and everything else first. Instead, make “us” time.  Get a babysitter or plan excursions together. Of all the signs of divorce, this is the easiest to fix.  Simply creating awareness of your priorities will help you find a resolution.

6. You fight about little things.

Having an argument about small things can indicate a problem in the marriage. Blaming your spouse for not remembering to buy milk from the store is not something worth arguing about. If you fight about trivial things, talking with a counselor can help determine the actual root of the problem and save your marriage.  Sometimes it’s the small steps that make a big difference.

7. There’s a lack of interest.

When one spouse develops a lack of interest in the other’s life, it can make the marriage fall apart. Perhaps the spouse forgets special occasions like wedding anniversaries and birthdays, or maybe one spouse acts too busy to spend time with the other. When partners begin to drift apart, their marriage won’t last very long.

8. You dump your complaints on your spouse.

When people first get married, they often call each other at work throughout the day and express their love and fondness. After some time, they only make calls to complain about the dishwasher breaking down, the high power bills and so on. Most people don’t realize how much they complained during the marriage until after it’s over. It’s important to discuss household issues, but try to create balance in your conversation.

Don’t ask, “Should I get a divorce?” Instead, ask yourself what you can do to help your marriage last.  This list represents simple acts that can turn around a marriage in trouble.  The goal is to recognize the signs of divorce before it’s too late. However, if you keep your eyes open and look for the warning signs, you can squash the problems and save your marriage in the end.

If you are the end of your marriage and truly are seeking a divorce, we recommend these tips for preparing for divorce. Divorce is quite an emotional process.  It’s also wise to hire a trusted divorce attorney who will walk you through the process and represent your interest as you close this chapter in your life.

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