Problems with DIY Divorce

Do it yourself divorce doesn’t always offer the most convenient way to terminate the marriage.

Some people believe they cannot afford an attorney and opt to fill out the divorce paperwork without professional assistance.

DIY Divorce

However, other people decide to carry out a DIY divorce when they share mutual interests and agree to divorce on good terms. Even if the divorce process goes smoothly in the beginning, it does not mean the couples will not face DIY divorce problems later.

The Risks of DIY Divorce

Without an attorney available to assist with the divorce, a variety of problems can arise from not listing important assets or only providing general information. Furthermore, it’s not always obvious that a problem will occur until several months or years later. When the problems finally surface, it takes a lot more time and money to repair what could have been avoided in the beginning.

The top 5 errors couples make when trying to do a DIY Divorce.  These are the things that can create problems at a later date when you handle your own divorce:

  • Incorrectly listing important assets such as retirement funds
  • Failure to create a specific parenting plan
  • Filing in a county where the parties do not reside
  • Not including a legal description of real estate
  • Not providing security for a transfer payment or information about how and when the transfer payment will be paid off

Even if the parties list certain assets, such as retirement funds, they may not go to the person who earned them. Likewise, both parties may include a parenting plan but only provide general information, which can cause a number of problems any time in the future.

Enforcement issues can also occur with a do it yourself divorce. Not all courts can enforce an agreement that is made by another court. For example, if both parties acquire a custody judgment in a state where their children have never lived, the judgment cannot be enforced or recognized. Therefore, both parties have to start over with a court that has the authority to enter the custody judgment.

Avoiding DIY Divorce Problems

The thought of supporting two households can make divorcing couples seek the most affordable option, which includes avoiding the cost of hiring an attorney all together. However by opting for a DIY Divorce, you can end up incurring tens of thousands of dollars in costs to fix the problems that occur from handling the divorce yourself. In addition, the problems may never get resolved nor reflect the original agreement between the divorcing couples.

When hiring a professional divorce attorney, you receive the benefit of their legal training and experience to ensure all the paperwork is done correctly and timely. Though you have to pay attorney fees, you would have to pay even more later if you do not have the training to avoid critical errors.  There are ways to save money on divorce attorneys fees, check them out for yourself.

Though the courts provide an option for handling your own divorce, you assume the risk that comes along with it. Therefore, you must understand the issues that can arise and include the necessary information to prevent difficulties later. If you still prefer to do it yourself, you should at least let an attorney inspect your paperwork.

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Even though you are not interested in hiring a divorce attorney for your DIY Divorce, but you think you could benefit from a consult with a divorce attorney, contact West Palm Beach Divorce Attorney, Eric C. Cheshire for a consultation to discuss details your divorce.(561) 677-8090 .

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