Parenting Time in the 21st Century – There’s an App for That!

In a world where we have the answer to just about any question imaginable in the palm of our hand via our cell phones, it is a small wonder that there are now parenting time-sharing apps available.  When both parents join forces to use a parenting time-sharing app, the benefits can be tremendous.  Whether you and your former spouse are old hats at co-parenting or are barely on speaking terms, a parenting time-sharing app can make scheduling and co-parenting less stressful and more efficient.

There are of course many parenting time-sharing apps available and this blog post does not intend to endorse one app over another.  Instead, this blog post briefly highlights some of the apps available to call to parents’ attention the resources that are available.  Of course, an app only works if the parents use it.  It may take some time and a bit of trial and error to find the app that works best for your family, but is definitely worth the effort.


AppClose is a free app that includes calendar sharing, an option for messaging the other parent, the ability to store and share documents, as well as a feature that allows parents to track expenses.  For parents who have a contentious relationship, this app has a special feature that allows for real time confirmation, which documents not only when a text was sent, but also when the text recipient actually read the text message.  Conversations can be exported in their entirety if necessary.

For parents who, for whatever reason, do not wish to speak in person, or who wish to have their conversations documented, this app allows a parent to submit a request, such as a request for reimbursement or a change in the parenting time-sharing schedule, through the app.  It also allows for payments from one parent to the other via a third-party payment provider.


Developed by a divorced dad, Fayr also tracks expenses, communications, and parenting time-sharing schedules.  The app allows parents to use a joint calendar where both can add special events, such as a child’s track meet or band concert.  Like AppClose, Fayr has a feature to allow parent messaging and the ability to upload documents, such as receipts.

For parents who have a contentious relationship, have challenges with child custody exchanges, or have a no contact order, the app also provides users the ability to use a geolocation log.  This log allows parents to “check in” at their GPS location.  The check in documents their location, as well as the time and date.


Like the others, Coparently includes a child custody calendar (color coded, for those who like that sort of thing), as well as a messaging app, expense tracker, and a shared directory.  The directory allows the parents to input important contact information for the pediatrician, both sets of grandparents, child care givers, and the like.

This app also offers a child friendly version of the app.  In this way, the child can independently access the parenting time-sharing schedule.  However, they do not have access to the parents’ in app messaging, documented expenses, and other areas of the app meant for parents only.

Divorcing with Children?

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