Child Support Lawyer in Florida

West Palm Beach Child Support Lawyer Discusses Your Rights and Child Support Laws

Child support is most often compelled by a court order that designates the specific amount of money one parent must pay each month for a child’s healthcare, food, housing and educational needs. Child support can create many issues, including one parent feeling that the amount isn’t sufficient, another parent feeling that the amount is excessive, or even one parent pursuing legal action because the other parent is not making timely payments. A West Palm Beach child support lawyer can help you understand your rights and options with child support issues.

In most instances, one parent is ordered to pay child support, and each state has its own formula to determine the amount of support owed. But if you are facing a child support order, you should seek the services of an experienced child support attorney in West Palm Beach to ensure that all your rights are protected.

How Florida Courts Determine Child Support Payments

Child Support Lawyer West Palm BeachEvery state has a specific formula that judges must adhere to when they are determining child support payments that a parent must pay. In Florida, Statute 61.30 is the legal standard that judges use to make their decision.

This statute lists a mathematical formula that takes into account the income that each parent earns, the total costs of child-care, health care expenses (including insurance), and the overnight time-sharing of both parents.

Florida courts also stipulate that any judge who orders child support payments that exceed five percent of legal guidelines file a written explanation as to why the amount was more than the standard.

Prior to making a child support ruling, family court judges will typically analyze factors that include:

  • Child’s age
  • Special needs that the child may require
  • Assets of both parents
  • Whether child support guidelines cause parent to pay more than 55 percent of his/her income
  • Existing shared-time arrangement (how many overnights does child spend with non-custodial parent?)

Modifying Child Support Payments

There may arise situations in which you may need to modify a child support payment due to circumstances that have changed in your life. For example, if you lose a high-paying job, and you are either unemployed or find a job that pays less, you can petition the court to modify the child support payment based on these new factors. It’s important to remember that the parent receiving child support can also ask the court to modify child support payments, if circumstances such as a child’s health issue increase monthly expenses. With support modification issues, hiring an experienced West Palm Beach child support lawyer is recommended  to protect you and your child.

The law in Florida requires you to prove “substantial change of circumstances” when it comes to filing a modification for child support, and those circumstances must be involuntary.

Some circumstances that a court may consider include:

  • Change in cost of health insurance
  • Job loss, sudden illness
  • Decrease in child’s care expenses (i.e., no longer attending private school)
  • Job promotion which increases income

Florida law requires that judges only approve of child support payment modifications if the new amount represents at least a 15 percent decrease or increase from the existing payment amounts or $50, whichever is greater.

Getting Help from a West Palm Beach Child Support Lawyer

Child support issues can be complex and difficult to navigate without the help of a West Palm Beach child support attorney. If you are trying to petition a family court for a child support modification, please call the west palm beach child support lawyers of  E.C. Cheshire, P.A. at 561-655-8844 for a personal legal consultation with Attorney Cheshire. We are experienced in handling these claims and can help you obtain the best results.

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